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Trevor Leggett has authored over 80 books and the last one to be published in his lifetime was 'The Old Zen Master'. Unpublished works have been produced since his death and 'Jewels from the Indra Net' was published for his 2014 centenary.

A number of audio and ebooks are also in production.

Books were  available at the screenings of his Centenary Tribute film 'A Man of the Ways' - See

Following ancient tradition, Legget's teacher, Hari Prasad Shastri, would pause sometimes during a lecture and invite relevant questions.

QUESTION: How can books do anything for spiritual hunger? Words cannot fill the empty stomach.

ANSWER: True. But words correspond to the smell of cooking which tells us that there is food available and if we follow the smell we shall come to the actual food which will fill the stomach.


Trevor Leggett's books are concerned with

  • Zen parallels from his translations of Japanese texts of Zen and Budo (knightly arts)

  • Spreading the traditional Upanishadic Yoga of Cosmic Consciousness, based on the author's training in a traditional Indian line and his translations of original Sanskrit - this Yoga process is centred on meditation

  • Training stories of both traditions for daily life




The range of books has been divided into four separate sections:-


Section One

Academic translations of newly discovered texts on spiritual training in Sanskrit and Japanese.

Trevor Legget Judo
Section Two Traditional explanations of Yoga and Zen teaching for daily life practice.
Section Three Many Little known training stories ancient and modern from both traditions.
Section Four Technical instruction books on Judo and Shogi, Japanese chess.

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